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The Plymouth Coffee Bean takes local art seriously. We enjoy being a local intersection for Michigan artists.  Our unique lay out of rooms  provides the artist many creative perspectives in which to deliver their collected works to an audience.  Mediums can range from photography,  paintings, illustrations, assemblage, fiber works and more.


  Feb 1st - April 30th ~~~~ In the Green Room

  Jessica Accardo


Feb 1st - April 30th ~~~~ In the Cloud Room


Danny Range



  Feb 1st - April 30th ~~~~ In the Yellow Room



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Featured Artist Submissions

Thank you for finding us... we're excited to hear from you.  We'd like your help complimenting our comfortable, casual, family  environment.  We’re looking for motivated artists who have compiled a small collection of work that may offer a theme or casual focus of study or subject matter, or small groupings of individual pieces  that find an overall balance when displayed together.

The art on the walls has an enormous impact on the overall ambience of each  room, so we're looking to work with artists who will take this opportunity and responsibility seriously.

 We're looking for artists with a minimum of 10 pieces that can be prepared to show.   Featured artist exhibitions run two months, and are booked anywhere from 3-9months in advance.  Artists are encouraged to price work to sell. We do not charge commission, nor do we handle artwork sales.

    In the submission box below, please submit your contact and other info requested~ we will contact you shortly thereafter.


Featured Artist Submission Form


Please answer the questions in the text box below.

  • Do you have at least 10-15 pieces of work in mind?
  • Describe the media "Digital Photography printed on....  "Acrylic paintings on cardboard"
  • How will you be exhibiting these works? In frames, stretched canvas, on wood etc.?
  • Please include outer dimensions of artwork being considered. (i.e.  11x17", 33x48")
  • Include a  LINK or URL to your website with artwork to be considered for showing
  • Is there a theme or thread that ties these works together? If yes, please describe.
  • Do you have a title for your collection? What is it?
  • Have you ever displayed your work before?
  • Images cannot be UPLOADED onto this form.
  • No artwork posted online?  Thats ok
  • Once we receive your initial  submission we'll contact you about submitting images.


    An Incomplete Slideshow of Past Featured Artists


    beauty by k diefenbach
    Art By Dennis Spencer_2010
    Cloud Room 2009 _ Art by Alan Casadei
    Art 2009 Gregory Carr
    robert brigham
    Green Room 2009 Art by Mark Mitchener
    Art by Dennis Spencer 2010
    seduction is a silhouette
    Art by Dennis Spencer2010
    B&W Photography 2009
    cherly pullen
    start stop bwd fwd



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